Afghan Kush


THC: 15-17%

Quantity: 28 Grams


With the abundance of strains available on the market, knowing their implications has become a difficult game. Cross-breeds have flooded the market, and with it comes uncertainty. Not with Afghan Kush, the ideal legendary dynasty as it is.

From the pure Indica family, Afghan Kush hails from the famous Hindu Kush Mountains. It is easy to know that it keeps its roots from the natural earth-like scent. The aroma of this bud looks like it stands on a cliff covered with trees, overlooking the vast green valleys.

Speaking of smell, if you find yourself in the presence of fragmentation, you will be familiar. Afghan is famous for producing the Afghan AAA grade, which is a well-known variety.

Afghani smoking Kush has two modes, he went out and went up to heaven. When used in low doses, the effects are cheerful and cheerful, creating a pleasant atmosphere that lasts for hours. However, if you press over your weight, you may find yourself stuck in the sofa without any hope of leaving.

Veteran hemp users often express this strain to be perfect at night. Much better than a typical night cover and reduces consumption of sleeping pills. Take one hour before going to bed to get the best sleep in your life.

If you’re inviting friends, plan on getting a cupboard and fridge. By storing them, the doors must penetrate through the hinges. Some Afghan Kush and stomach joints start to rush like a race car ready to get off the line. This makes it great for chemotherapy patients and those with anorexia.

Many breeds come and go, and never return to dispensary shelves due to lack of quality and aesthetic. Afghan Kush is not the classic breed that marijuana users from all over the world love forever.

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